Item Coversheet
ITEM 29.
Visitor and Convention Bureau - Consent


DATE:April  16, 2019 
DEPARTMENT:Visitor and Convention Bureau
REQUESTER:Tamara Pigott 
TITLE:Request Tourist Development Tax Funding for Matanzas Pass Improvements 


A) Approve an out-of-cycle Beach and Shoreline funding request to replace elevated boardwalks along the Davis Simpson Trail and replacement of the paddle craft landing (PCL) and pavilion. 


B) Approve Budget Transfer in the amount of $1.1 million from Tourist Development Tax Reserves to the Matanzas Pass Boardwalk Expansion Project and amend FY 18/19 budget accordingly. 

 Approve funding request for $1.1 million from Lee County Facilities Construction & Management Department for out-of-cycle Tourist Development Tax funds for the replacement of elevated boardwalks along the Davis Simpson Trail and replacement of the paddle craft landing (PCL) and pavilion. The total estimated cost to design, permit and construct the improvements is $1,725,015.  This project had been previously planned and budgeted for a lesser amount.  The Tourist Development Council unanimously recommended moving this item forward for BoCC consideration.
 A)Board Action and Other History
  Lee County Facilities Construction & Management manages the Matanzas Pass Preserve project. A total of $625,015 in tourist development tax funds has been allocated previously to the project. 

FY 16/17 $185,000 New Boardwalk
FY 17/18   $35,000 Design and Permitting
FY 18/19 $405,015 Boardwalk Replacement along the Smith Trail   
 B)Policy Issues
 C)BoCC Goals
  Strategic Priority – Tourism

Matanzas Pass Preserve is one of the most unique places on Estero Island. Being one of the few undeveloped and protected areas left on the island, the preserve is home to a diversity of native plants and animals. The unspoiled park has a museum and gift shop, interpretive stations along the trails, trailside benches, paddle craft landing area and a pavilion which provides a panoramic view of the Estero Bay Aquatic Preserve. 

The Matanzas Pass Preserve has approximately 1.25 miles of trails that wind through the canopies of mangroves and hammocks. The bayside park offers visitors opportunities to observe wildlife and native plants. The boardwalk is in need of replacement to allow continued ADA public to the underdeveloped, protected area of Estero Island. 

Approving the out of cycle funding request will allow the bidding process to start during the summer of 2019.  Construction is anticipated to begin in September 2019 and be completed in approximately six months.


Due to the remote location of the preserve, materials must be transported using small equipment and or carried in manually by workers resulting in an increase in costs for boardwalk replacement. Replacing the boardwalk allows continued ADA public access to 1.25 miles of trails within the natural mangrove canopies and hammocks. 

On March 15, 2019 the Tourist Development Council recommended additional funding in the amount of $1.1 million, which includes replacement costs of elevated boardwalks along the Davis Simpson Trail and replacement of paddle craft landing and pavilion. 

 A)Current year dollar amount of item:
$1.1 Million
 B)Is this item approved in the current budget?No
 C)Is this a revenue or expense item?Expense
 D)Is this Discretionary or Mandatory?Discretionary   
 E)Will this item impact future budgets?
If yes, please include reasons in III(D) above.
 F)Fund: Tourist Development Tax
Program: VCB
Project: Matanzas Pass Boardwalk Extension Project
Account Strings: 20062930101.506540  
 G) Fund Type?Enterprise, Other:  Tourist Development Tax 
 The contract to construct the boardwalk expansion and repairs will be brought before the Board of County Commissioners for approval.
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Matanzas Pass Preserve Funding Request3/25/2019Cover Memo
Matanzas Pass Boardwalk Paddle Craft Landing & Pavilion Replacement Packet3/25/2019Cover Memo
Budget Transfer4/3/2019Transfer of Funds
041619R-C-29-Transfer Request4/23/2019Transfer of Funds
Visitor and Convention BureauPigott, TamaraApproved3/28/2019 - 4:47 PM
Budget ServicesGuttery, AngelaApproved4/4/2019 - 10:44 AM
Budget ServicesWinton, PeterApproved4/4/2019 - 10:50 AM
County AttorneyFraser, AndreaApproved4/4/2019 - 11:17 AM
County ManagerSalyer, Glen Approved4/8/2019 - 4:48 PM