Item Coversheet
ITEM 14.
Natural Resources - Consent


DATE:November  6, 2018 
DEPARTMENT:Natural Resources
REQUESTER:Roland Ottolini 
TITLE:Approve Budget Amendment Resolution for Waterway Development Projects 

  1. Approve Budget Amendment Resolution to fund and establish sixteen waterway development major maintenance projects totaling $1,776,594.

  2. Amend the Major Maintenance Program in the amount of $1,776,594 to include the additional projects


Approves the creation of sixteen new navigation related major maintenance projects that are funded by a grant from the West Coast Inland Navigation District (WCIND) in the amount of $1,776,594.  For the majority of these projects, Lee County will serve as the administrator for other County sub-grant agreements.  The projects to be funded are in the categories of marine law enforcement, environmental education, boating safety, boating recreation and navigation improvement.    If approved, funding will be made available in the individual major maintenance projects.

 A)Board Action and Other History

On March 15, 2018, the Waterway Advisory Committee voted to approve a prioritized list of projects totaling $1,776,594.


On April 17, 2018 the Board approved Resolution 18-04-13 requesting grant funding from WCIND for various projects totaling $1,776,594.


On September 13, 2018 WCIND, as part of their annual budget, approved Lee County’s funding request.

 B)Policy Issues
 C)BoCC Goals

Tourism/sports. Navigable waterways are a vital component of our tourism infrastructure.


WCIND is a taxing district that includes Manatee, Sarasota, Charlotte and Lee Counties.   Each year, WCIND receives requests from the different Counties for various waterway project.    WCIND then reviews the requests and decides which to include in their budget for the upcoming year.    For FY 18/19, all Lee County projects were approved for inclusion in their annual budget.


The budget amendment resolution will establish new projects for each new WCIND funded project, including County implemented projects.


Funds will be available in various accounts as stated on the attached resolution.


Lee County will be a pass through agency for the majority of these projects.


A budget amendment is required for Lee County to expend grant funds, and reimburse sub-grantees.

 A)Current year dollar amount of item:
 B)Is this item approved in the current budget?No
 C)Is this a revenue or expense item?Revenue
 D)Is this Discretionary or Mandatory?Discretionary   
 E)Will this item impact future budgets?
If yes, please include reasons in III(D) above.
 F)Fund: General Fund
Program: Major Maintenance Projects
Project: Various
Account Strings: Various  
 G) Fund Type?General Fund   

No County funding is required. WCIND would utilize the Countywide Navigation Improvement Fund (no match is required).


The projects are eligible to begin immediately with extensions available until September 30, 2021.

DescriptionUpload DateType
List of WCIND Projects10/15/2018Backup Material
Board Resolution 4-17-1810/15/2018Backup Material
Budget Amendment10/24/2018Budget Amendment
110618R C-14-RESO 18-11-02-Budget Amend 11/16/2018Budget Amendment
Natural ResourcesOttolini, RolandApproved10/19/2018 - 4:58 PM
Budget ServicesGuttery, AngelaApproved10/24/2018 - 11:13 AM
Budget ServicesWinton, PeterApproved10/24/2018 - 2:07 PM
County AttorneyFredyma, John J.Approved10/26/2018 - 3:24 PM
County ManagerHarner, David Approved10/26/2018 - 4:12 PM