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ITEM 10.
County Lands - Consent


DATE:October  2, 2018 
REQUESTER:Robert Clemens 
TITLE:Approve Purchase of Land for the Telegraph Creek Kayak Launch Project 

  1. Approve Purchase Agreement with TK Enterprises, LLP, a Maryland limited liability partnership, for the voluntary purchase of +/-0.92 acres in fee simple interest in the amount of $90,000, for the Telegraph Creek Kayak Launch Project, pursuant to the terms of the Purchase Agreement;

  2. Authorize the Chair on behalf of the Board to execute the Purchase Agreement;

  3. Authorize payment of the necessary costs and fees to complete transaction;

  4. Authorize County Lands to handle and accept all documentation necessary to complete transaction;

  5. Approve a transfer from reserves in the amount of $95,400;

  6. Approve a budget amendment resolution in the amount of $95,400 and increase the FY 18/19 Capital Improvement-Regional Park Impact Fees budget accordingly.


Acquires approximately 0.92 acres of land in fee simple interest, for the Telegraph Creek Kayak Launch Project at a cost of $90,000.This parcel will provide land to accommodate a kayak launch along North River Road where it intersects with Telegraph Creek.

 A)Board Action and Other History
 B)Policy Issues
 C)BoCC Goals

The property was previously used by the public as a local kayak launch.  TK Enterprises purchased the property in July 2017 for $26,725.00.  After this purchase, TK enterprises cleared the property and fenced the boundary. Based upon a Determination of Minimum Use, the property qualifies for one single-family residence.


Several complaints were made when the property was fenced. These complaints of denied public launching access at this location led to the determined need to pursue purchase of this parcel when it became available.


The Owner obtained two appraisals based on the ability to construct a single-family residence with a value between $90,000 and $110,000. 


Subject Property:

Vacant land – STRAP No. 15-43-26-00-00008.0000

Land Use – Rural; Zoning – AG-2; Size – 0.92+/- acres


Owner: TK Enterprises, LLP, a Maryland limited liability partnership


The parcel was acquired by the current owner on July 6, 2017 for $26,725.  The appraiser acknowledged that while this was an arm’s length transaction, it was below market.


Appraised Value: $95,000, appraised by T.A. Tippett, Inc. – Thomas A. Tippett, MAI


Purchase Price: $90,000  


Estimated Closing Costs: $5,400 (Costs include environmental assessment, surveying, closing expenses and fees)

 A)Current year dollar amount of item:
 B)Is this item approved in the current budget?No
 C)Is this a revenue or expense item?Expense
 D)Is this Discretionary or Mandatory?Discretionary   
 E)Will this item impact future budgets?
If yes, please include reasons in III(D) above.
 F)Fund: Regional Park Impact Fees
Program: Parks Projects
Project: Telegraph Creek Kayak Launch
Account Strings: 20067038700.506199  
 G) Fund Type?Other:  Capital Improvement-Regional Park Impact Fees 
Funding for maintenance of the facility will be included in Lee County Parks and Recreation’s annual operating budget.
DescriptionUpload DateType
Purchase Agreement9/12/2018Agreement
Title Data9/12/2018Backup Material
Location Map9/12/2018Backup Material
Transfer from Reserves9/12/2018Transfer of Funds
Sales History9/13/2018Backup Material
Budget Amendment9/13/2018Resolution
100218R- C-10 -Transfer of Funds-9540010/10/2018Transfer of Funds
100218R- C-10 -Resolution 18-10-0110/10/2018Resolution
100218R- C-10 -Agreement for Purchase10/10/2018Agreement
County LandsClemens, RobertApproved9/12/2018 - 12:38 PM
County LandsLavender, JesseApproved9/12/2018 - 12:40 PM
Budget ServicesGuttery, AngelaApproved9/13/2018 - 2:01 PM
Budget ServicesWinton, PeterApproved9/13/2018 - 2:36 PM
County AttorneyFredyma, John J.Approved9/14/2018 - 8:15 AM
County ManagerSalyer, Glen Approved9/24/2018 - 8:18 AM